Sorry I’m Such a Tease…

Ok, so I had good intentions in, say, March, when I wrote all about how I was coming back to my blog.  Hopefully, I’ll stick to it this time. After all, I have no social life anymore, (Did I ever?) so I really shouldn’t have much of an excuse. Regardless, over a year of crazy happenings in the life of Kaitlin have left me with plenty to write about.

Forever Alone Meme

Or a few months…

I’m in a completely different place than I was at the time I wrote my last regular post. Literally. To begin with, I’m across the state (still in North Dakota, unfortunately) sitting on a bed covered with teddy bears and unicorns in my room….in my parents’ home. In Williston, ND. (You know, Wild Wild Williston? It’s even wilder. And Willistonier.)


That’s my unicorn. I also have its baby now, too. Maybe I shouldn’t have admitted that…..

That may sound like I’ve become a total failure on the surface, but hopefully I’m not. At least, I try to tell myself that. You can’t really go anywhere but up when you come out of college bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with your shiny, new several-thousand-dollar piece of paper and find yourself working at the local Olive Garden. I will never be able to hear the words “Unlimited Soup and Salad” again without cringing. (Fun fact: I worked at the Olive Garden Marilyn Hagerty went to when her review of the restaurant went viral. In college, I also worked at the newspaper Marilyn writes for and had her as a guest speaker in a ton of my classes. But the whole story about all that and my time at the ol’ OG is for another post. Or seven.)


That’s me. Looking fresh as ever.

Anyway, I’m banking in on the cash cow that is Williston, ND, while I can. Yes, Wal-Mart’s starting wage really is $17.00 an hour. McDonald’s will get you $15 an hour starting. So, this is a great place to work at a law firm, getting some experience while saving for law school. (Yep, I got in! And I’d be there right now if I hadn’t been offered a rather significant scholarship to defer my enrollment a year. You know, because too many people accepted their offer of admission and they need to make themselves look uber competitive for the US News & World Reports Rankings. It’s all a big conspiracy. But, I digress.)



Living at home and banking money also has its perks for saving for a house, the big move across the country in a few months, and the WEDDING which will follow shortly after! Yes, in a little over 8 months, my blog title will no longer be a catchy little spin on my last name, but it’s a small price to pay for the lifetime of awesome I’m getting. Especially since Chris and I have been, and will continue to be, living across the state from each other until we make the move. It sucks, but at least I can get away with not shaving my legs very often. (Gotta always look on the bright side.)


I was distracted by something shiny and didn’t see the random bowl of popcorn on the floor…It was Chris’s house, don’t ask why it’s there.

So, now that I’ve unnecessarily updated you, dear reader whom I probably don’t know on a personal level, on the biggest intimate details of the last year, I think I can successfully move on and begin blogging like I used to. Maybe not every day, but at least regularly. My original plan, in March, was to just let all my big new changes come out as they needed to in the process of writing different posts, in an attempt to not give off so much of my personal life. But I think that idea was a little too daunting. I guess it seems like I need to let people know where I am in life to make my posts relevant. Even though anyone who might still be interested in my blog probably stopped reading about my ridiculous personal blatherings after the first paragraph.

Anyway, yay for blogging again 🙂 I hope to see you around.

(P.S. I also got an adorable kitten. I’m obsessed with her. And she’s the one who loves the unicorns on my bed, I swear.)


Yes, she is laying on a placemat. I may have been a crazy cat lady when I lived alone…


Had a bad day?

I can’t be in a bad mood after a YouTube fix containing a few of these. Don’t knock the multiple Rocko’s Modern Life listings on here. It’s classic.

  1. “Fortune Cookie” – Rocko’s Modern Life
    Here’s the gist of the episode, and all you need to really watch to crack a smile.
  2.  The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
    Some friends and I used to get together every week and watch this little-known show on Cartoon Network. I still laugh every time I see this clip.
  3. Family Guy
    Peter stops at the drive-thru on his way to take a woman in labor to the hospital.
  4. “Jetscream” – Rocko’s Modern Life
    I can’t find a clip for this one, but here’s the quote. Such hilarious social commentary I didn’t get when I was little:
    Flight Attendant: Flight 1313 to Las Vegas is now boarding. Will all one-legged weasels born on the right side of a watermelon please board?
  5. Googly Eyes Gardener Saturday Night Live skit
    I just think the concept of this is hilarious.

    Embedding this one isn’t working, so here’s the link.I did this before I left for my freshman year of college so I’d have a “companion.” I had a picture, but it must be on my old phone. 😦 I got a two-stemmed cactus from Wal-Mart for $.99, glued googly eyes to both of them, and named them Carlos and Juanita. It’s a shame I don’t have a picture of them.
  6.  My weird cat, Mr. Trouble
    He was an orphan kitty that was left in my parents’ garage one stormy night. We have untamed domesticated cats living in the fields around my house, and they must have abandoned him. My dad affectionately calls him a “bastard from a basket.”

    "Are you my mother?"

    He grew up to be a bit of a trouble-maker.


    He’s now huge and terrorizes my parents’ house, bathing himself under the sink stream every time someone turns on the water because he has an obsession with it. My brother refers to him as a pygmy mountain lion.