About a (ND) Girl

I’m a small-town lawyer in Williston, North Dakota. I’m a Washington & Lee University School of Law alum, University of North Dakota alum, grammar nerd, and lover of things most people tend to find boring. I was born and raised in Williston, North Dakota, and rarely left the state until my late teens. I spent most of that time dreaming of big city life somewhere outside of the midwest.

Once I finally busted out of my North Dakota cocoon and moved to the east coast for law school, the infamous Chris ended up getting a job and moving back to Tioga, ND. I didn’t know if I missed North Dakota or maybe I just missed Chris. So naturally, I had a mild existential crisis. We spent most of my law school years living across the country from each other. Which sucked. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend long distance marriage. But it sucked even more once I graduated, moved back to ND, worked for not quite a year, and then Chris got laid off. Yay life.

It took leaving to realize I grew up in a very unique place among great people. I found out that, the whole time I was in North Dakota, I was looking for a place that doesn’t exist. Although I still long to explore the country and what it might have to offer, I’m grateful for the exhausting opportunity to gain a ridiculous amount of experience, often through (literally) trial by fire, as a young lawyer.

I blog about what I like and cynically poke fun at what I don’t. Despite my generally nice-to-a-fault nature, life has given me some perspective and some stronger opinions lately. If you agree, awesome. If not, cool, but seriously, don’t be a jerk. I deal with enough jerks every day.

Near my family’s farm, around Alamo, ND.

15 thoughts on “About a (ND) Girl

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog very much. I plan on visiting North Dakota soon. It’s one of the last states I have on my “to do” list. (no offense; I am looking forward to visiting. It’s just a long way from South Carolina where I live.) I am most interested in checking out Medora and Theodore Roosevelt Nat’l park.

    Here’s wishing you the best in all your future endeavors.

    • Aww 🙂 Thanks so much! I had no idea people outside of my circle of friends on Facebook (since I have WordPress set up to automatically publish there) would ever read this, so your feedback is much appreciated!

  2. Don’t give a second thought to stereotypes — go see that big city. I did smaller northeastern city to enormous southern city to very small thought it was southern but turns out to be northeastern town — enormous southern city wins hands down. It’s your life — go get it!

    • Oh I’ve found some mortifying ones in mine — Especially a case where I left out a word in my texting post. I’m kicking myself that it got so much traffic with that mistake in it!

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