The State of North Dakota: It kinda exists. Maybe.

I’ve made efforts to stand up for the little guy, make my home state a little more well known, defend the fact that North Dakota exists. I posted about things North Dakotans generally like, in an effort to increase rapport with citizens of other states when we go on vacations (or, if by some twist of fate, they come here). I posted about things we just never encounter in our own state, and why, if you get mad at them for messing up your morning commute, they’ll be genuinely hurt. I’ve even posted about our “booming” tourism industry. I discussed how old the “North Dakota doesn’t exist” joke is.

There we are!

But I just found out that it is actually being called into question whether North Dakota ever officially became a state. I have interest in becoming a lawyer, but I don’t claim to be one yet, so I admit — I’m a little confused on exactly what the technicality in North Dakota’s State Constitution is that is calling our statehood into question. The issue has made some headlines, and it’s always interesting to see what outsiders think of our state. I don’t know what exactly would happen if it turns out we’re not a state at all, but merely a territory. I hope the rest of the country doesn’t decide they didn’t want us anyway and leave us to fend for ourselves. Although, another running joke is that North Dakota could hold its own as a nation, since so many residents own firearms and there are so many air bases.

Regardless, I find the fact that people are actually questioning our statehood both interesting and amusing, especially in light of all the flack we get from other states … The ones that actually think about us, at least. I know North Dakota isn’t exactly a booming hot spot that’s on everyone’s minds.

What do Β you think about the whole issue?

21 thoughts on “The State of North Dakota: It kinda exists. Maybe.

  1. I’ve experienced at least 5 instances of people asking about my move to South Dakota or how things are in South Dakota, etc…it’s weird. It’s like there’s nothing for them to connect to in North Dakota, so they get stuck in South Dakota (where there’s Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore) and can’t quite travel farther north, even in their minds!

    • Haha yeah somehow South Dakota even exists more than us! Except that reminds me of one time a few years ago at the Dollar Store in Williston … I saw a shirt that had Mount Rushmore on it and the words “North Dakota” emblazoned over the top of the image. It must have been some mistake from Taiwan or something, so they shipped them to us figuring we’d want them I guess?

  2. well, just to make you happy: I already heard about your state, and I’m from Brazil!!! lol I think I saw a movie that was recorded at North Dakota, I was a child, but I can remember that all was really really cold, with lots of snow, and there was forests with bears and those policemen wearing funny clothes (to me, at least) and all the actors drove Jeeps… lol a great film, although I can’t remember the name of it… oh, I found your blog at main page of wordpress πŸ™‚

    • Wow, Brazil?! Hi from North Dakota! Haha I can’t imagine what movie that might be … was a woodchipper involved? πŸ™‚ I’ve worked on reducing my “Nort’ Dakohhtan” accent, but it still slips at times. Thanks for reading — Glad you found me!

  3. Nice writing. I haven’t read all your posts yet, but have you seen the 50 state stereotypes on YouTube? Have a look. (Good luck with next winter – does that start in August?)

  4. I have a phone interview scheduled in your neck of the woods. I honestly had to google it (not because I doubted its existence, but because I know NOTHING about your state). Not too shabby. I may actually pursue the position.

    Great post!

  5. hi you are very interesting I’ve subscribed to your blog would really like if you could do the same for me, as i would really like some feedback and maybe you could put me out there so people now im alive :).

    • Hahaha! To tell you the truth, I forgot about North Dakota until my sister married a man from there and now lives there. I am actually going to visit in a week and am pretty excited to see what that state is all about. Love your blogs, they make my day with the humor. πŸ™‚

      • Haha it’s okay, I probably wouldn’t think about North Dakota if I wasn’t from here either πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy your visit, and I’m glad I can help make your day! That’s the best response I can ever receive. Thanks for reading!

  6. Hi Kaitlin,

    Just to reassure you, I am aware of the existence of North Dakota even from here in Scotland.

    I confess that until now I have never had any contact with someone from your fine state. However, I am delighted that I shall now be able dine out on the fact that I correspond with someone from North Dakota.

    Love the post.


    • Fantastic! Not only am I flattered and a little in awe that someone from Scotland read my little old blog, but that you also are aware ND exists! Thanks so much for reading, and I’m glad I could be your first contact with North Dakota!

  7. I have a friend who swears that North Dakota doesn’t exist because he has never met anyone from there, nor does he know anyone who has met someone from there. Of course, he’s from Kentucky, so I’m sure that plays into it.

    • I’m from there! I know to most people reading, I’m a floating Internet entity, but to everyone where I’m living in Grand Forks, ND, I’m just lame old Kaitlin! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! Well, a few years back, they were considering making South Florida into a different state. Us Cubans were excited and outraged (typical Cuban emotions), and when it didn’t happen, we just went along drinking our cafesitos and playing dominoes, wondering what they were going to try and do next.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I know there was a time a few years ago when they wanted to change North Dakota’s name to just “Dakota.” What would be the point in that besides costing a ton of money?! P.S. I can’t help but be jealous of your cafesitos and dominoes. That sounds so amazing right now. Thanks for reading!

  9. I think that North Dakota should be able to maintain it’s statehood if for no other reason than the fact that 50 is a nice round number. The 49 States of America just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

    • Hey, we’re kind of useful for other stuff, too! Like … producing oil and … taking up space. Ok, so maybe we do primarily make the country have a nice round number of states, but like you said, without us there would only be 49 states, and 49 just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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