What the heck are you guys searching?

I find this funny. You might too. (P.S. Thanks for not telling me about the random “y” that was dangling at the end of that sentence for like a month now! I LOATHE typos, so tell me about them immediately. Twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me, as my dreaded first grade teacher would say.) Even on a slow … “thought” day (Like today. I guess it can’t be called a slow news day on this kind of blog.) I’m surprised by the hits I sometimes get on my blog. WordPress has this awesome little feature that tells you what search terms your readers typed in to get to your blog. They never cease to amaze me. Here are a few:

  • “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” appears almost daily. Here are a few uber specific Gypsy search terms that make me laugh:
    Pictures of gypsy girls in short skirts looking for future husbands on TLC
    My big fat gypsy wedding show contact
    My big fat gypsy wedding kaitli — No typo.’
    The gypsies tent inn
    My big fat gypsy secrets
    I’m big fat gypsy wedding
  • Some variation of “cankles” is also a daily one
    Celebrities with cankles
    What are cankles
    Why have I got no ankles
    Cankle liposuction
    Cankles deutsch
    And, my personal favorite: Hottest cankles in town
  • A slew of North Dakota search terms
    North Dakota nice
    Show pictures of Williston ND in a snow storm
    Are there any fish in Spring Lake Park Williston ND
    North Dakota — it doesn’t exist (Ha ha.)
    Has Williston ND ever flooded?
    Williston city North Dakota oil June 2011 boom New York (What was this person looking for?!?)
    A child forced to grow up too fast North Dakota
    Is a Menards moving into Williston ND
  • Stuff I’m assuming got people to the iPad story
    iTunes license agreement kidney
    Human CentiPad agreement mouth
    Who wants to buy my kidney?
    What kind of saying is I’d sell my kidney?
  • These ones are in a category of their own: WTF?
    Mischa Barton obesa
    Lap dance
    Inappropriate pictures of Miley Cyrus (multiple times)
    My name is enough
    Gender neutral baby car seat
    Crab pole dance
    Mischa Barton cellulitis (Um, what? And why so much hate on Mischa??)
    A fat Mexican girl with big boobs
    No little brother  for kids can’t go in my room kids
    Dresses for fat teens

I’m not hating — However you got here, I’m glad you’re here and love you for reading. But you’ve got to admit, this search data is pretty entertaining. Hope you got a kick out of it, too.

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