Will you … plan my proposal for me?

There are a few days that mark a distinct change in your life: The day you get your drivers’ license, the day you graduate from high school or college, the day you get engaged, your wedding day, the birth of your children. But before we get too carried away, let’s go back to the engagement. It’s definitely a moment you’d want to be absolutely perfect. But would you hire the help of someone you’ve never met to ensure that?

According to theknot.com, 1 in 4 brides was disappointed in her fiance’s proposal. For guys who are freaked out by those numbers, or for those who just want to make sure their proposal will be a moment the couple can swoon over for the rest of their lives, now there’s a solution. Professional proposal planners are at their service … for a price, of course.

Proposal planners like Sarah Pease, who’s been featured on ABC’s Nightline as well as countless other magazines and news media, have expanded their event-planning businesses to include proposals. The nervous boyfriend gives the proposal planner (which is a term Pease has trademarked) a loose idea of what he thinks his prospective fiancee would feel is a dream proposal, and the planner puts the pieces together into the perfect proposal. (So much alliteration!)

But after paying for the positive response to the big question, there might be little money leftover for the wedding. Depending on the planner, proposal planning can set a guy back anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000. For those who aren’t quite ready to part with that kind of cash, especially after buying an engagement ring, Pease offers a proposal idea-generator quiz on her website. (Although, I took it myself and got an extremely MiffyBuffy von Knickerbocker, high maintenance, designer clothes- and spa-filled day-long extravaganza, which seems ridiculously over the top for my taste. Although, I admit I swooned a little at this P.S. I Love You-inspired proposal.)

Pease boasts a 100% success rate, but I wonder if the statistics from the brides I mentioned earlier would honestly increase with a planned proposal. There are some things in life where “the thought” doesn’t just count, it means everything. Your proposal seems like it should be one of those moments.

What do you think of proposal planning? Would you be disappointed if your fiance sought so much extra help? Or do you wish yours would have?

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