Feel like having your icy soul melted?

What do you do when you’re working 10 hours straight as a professional building babysitter? There’s literally nothing going on, no one to help, you’re basically just sitting in an empty building, waiting for the minutes to tick by until you can close. If you’re me, you should be doing any number of things: homework that’s due tomorrow, first and foremost. Yeah, I’ll admit, there are worse jobs out there. But it does get pretty boring, and it makes you wish time would go faster. Until you stumble across something like this while you’re procrastinating.

The news about 15 year-old Alice Pyne and her blog, which is a whole three days old, has gone viral.  Alice, who has been — as she calls her occupation — a full-time cancer-fighter for nearly 4 years, recently learned “that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn’t look like I’m going to win this one 😦.” So, she started a blog bucket list containing everything she wants to do “before she has to go.” Since Monday, her profile has been viewed over 170,000 times. Her blog only has three posts, but stories like hers are always powerful enough to capture the attention of a wide audience.

Alice Pyne and her dog Mabel

Besides the fact that this little girl puts me (and most amateur bloggers) to shame as far as blog popularity (and for good reason), reading her thoughts puts things in perspective. As an almost always over-stressed young adult who finds herself wishing for the work or school day to be over, I suddenly felt kind of bad I’d wished all those minutes would go by faster for people like her.

The fact that I read all her posts in my head with an adorable little British accent amplifies the heartwarming factor. So, chalk it up as one more person writing about this ridiculously wise young girl, but finding her story made me think a little differently about the way I’ll approach a busy day.

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